Track vessel positions
in near real-time

Using satellite and terrestrial AIS, MariTrace proactively monitors ship activities that suit the needs of you and your clients.

Always stay informed

Advance Map Interface

Use an intuitive map interface that can be enhanced with 40 different data overlays

Vessel Database

Know the vessels, with up to 35 attributes and history such as positions, draught changes and port calls

Piracy and Risk Assessment

Perform pre-voyage and live risk assessments, visualise and filter our advanced database of piracy incidents, and configure customer piracy email alert

Custom Geo-fences

Draw directly on the map and create custom geo-fences that can be used to identify places of interest

Email Alerts

Notify you by email for 14 different types of alert on vessel activities

Fleet filtering

Use our advanced filtering techniques, you can search the entire world fleet to find all vessels of interest to you, your business, or your competition


Track vessels
in near real-time

We monitor hundreds of thousands of vessels worldwide, from tugs to tankers, using a wide network of satellite and terrestrial AIS receivers.


Commmercial Ships


Geospatial Areas



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