Global shipping
Trading Insights

View data sets tracking the import/export activity of major industry players​ and ports

Find the edge you are looking for

EMEA Pulse

Track real-time trade activities of all countries with limited trade data

Global Commodity Trade

Monitor the iron ore, coal, LNG, and bauxite shipments among countries to understand the supply and demand balance of the global trading market

Company Operational Monitoring

Understand real time operational health of a specific company

Find the alpha in global trade

Maritrace empowers you with data to unlock investment opportunities, and monitor the activity of companies and industry sectors.

600 geospatial areas

Over 600 pre-defined data sets provide insight on multiple companies, sectors, trading partners and commodities

Intuitive data builder tool

The intuitive data builder tool lets you define new data sets and perform unique analysis on any other aspect of shipping activity

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